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Oxana Crigan is a recipient of the Limited English Proficient Pathway Program.

“MSM has caring people and helped me understand American life, not only English. I enrolled in ESL and employment program and, after four quarters of ESL, I got full time job, and able to keep for over year now.”

Oxana Crigan arrived in the United States as a refugee in 2008. At the recommendation of her cousin who is also a refugee and a former client of MSM, Oxana enrolled in our Limited English Proficient (LEP) Pathways Program, which offers English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction and employment services. She successfully completed four levels of ESL, pre-employment training and, with assistance from our dedicated staff, she was able to secure a job within 2 years of arriving in the United States.
Irina Radchanka is a recipient of the Refugee Resettlement Assistance Program.

“I came to America as refugee from Belarus and MSM helped me find place to live. Then needed help getting child care and finding doctor. MSM so kind to help and teach me how. A year now since I came to America and proud to say I am self-sufficient. With MSM help, I learned to fill out applications, make appointments, and look for job. And if I have question, I can go to MSM.”
Adun Khumkhong is a recipient of the Citizenship Program.

Adun immigrated to the U.S. and was eager to become an American citizen after 5 years. He applied for citizenship; however, his English and his knowledge of U.S. Civics and History were insufficient to pass the required citizenship test. He was so discouraged that he totally abandoned the idea of becoming a U.S. citizen until he discovered that MSM offered citizenship assistance. MSM helped Adun to apply for citizenship again. MSM also worked with Adun to obtain an application fee waiver and improved his English proficiency and knowledge of U.S. Civics and History through classroom lessons, tutoring, and one-one-one instruction. As a result, Adun passed the required test and is now a proud U.S. Citizen. So proud, he applied for a U.S. passport the day after receiving his U.S. citizenship certificate.
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